Alphabet City™ Center

City of Asylum/Pittsburgh is building Alphabet City™ center — a home for writers, readers, and neighbors — that will include spaces for readings and performances, writing workshops and residencies, as well as a restaurant and a bookstore. Alphabet City™ will open in 2015. The facility and its programs are intended to be a unifying agent in the community, bridging the full array of economic, cultural, and racial diversity. Bookmark this page and watch the excitement build!

Update – Dec. 13, 2013: New Developments at Federal-North Project, site of Alphabet City

The URA voted unanimously Thursday afternoon to rescind its agreements with Allegheny City Development Group LLC for the Bradbury building and to seek proposals for another portion of the redevelopment block to other developers so the group could focus on the Garden Theater project now under construction and the renovation of the neighboring Masonic building, site of Alphabet City.
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Update – June 26, 2013

The Allegheny County Economic Development, Community Infrastructure and Tourism Fund granted $250,000 to City of Asylum/Pittsburgh. The grant, which is the maximum awarded by CITF, was made for machinery and equipment for Alphabet City, City of Asylum/Pittsburgh’s new literary center. We are grateful to the Redevelopment Authority of Allegheny County for facilitating our project with this grant. We expect Alphabet City to create more than 30 jobs, both temporary and ongoing, with projects ranging from construction and installation to operation and management. The CITF grant can be used both for major mechanical systems such as HVAC, and also for IT and broadcast systems. This is an exciting prospect for us: It means that our programs can be made available to a wide audience, and that puts Pittsburgh on the map in a special way. Learn More

Construction Update – March 18, 2013

It’s official! Our Alphabet City™ Literary Center will make its home in the Garden Theater Block of the Federal North redevelopment project. Learn more!

Media coverage of Alphabet City™ Literary Center

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Actualitte – France: City of Asylum Pittsburgh decided to establish a center for the literary life with both local objectives, but also international. The association is particularly helpful to authors persecuted in their country of origin. It will install its facilities in the district of North Side of the American city. By Xavier S. Thomann, March 20, 2013.

City of Asylum Opening Literary Center in Pittsburgh – Posted on Hawthorne Books independent literary press, March 19, 2013.